The Campaign

Modern cinema, obsessed with profit, no longer makes movies that speak to the soul.

Help us make a movie out of love for people, which will forever improve the lives of hundreds of children and elders sheltered in Screzii Valley!

Nothing but Ashes is an audacious project, a movie about people, dependent on people willing to donate individually or as a community.

Nothing but Ashes can see daylight only if you, alongside other backers of our project, help it come to fruition.

Nothing but Ashes is not just a movie. It is a feature film about people who changed the lives of their fellow men and, more importantly, a film that will change lives for the better. A film about role models, about fighting to the end.

Nothing but Ashes also pays homage to the figure of Father Nicolae Tănase, to his mentor, Father Gheorghe Calciu-Dumitreasa and last, but not least, to the winning spirit in every man.

We will tour our movie in cinemas across USA, Canada and Europe. We want to change perceptions not only at home, but also abroad. We want to band Romanians together and fulfill, most beautifully, the life mission of Father Tănase in Screzii Valley.


Want to help? Become a guardian angel and a producer of Nothing but Ashes!

We started Nothing but Ashes with a small team of dreamers. Our following grows slowly but surely. One of our greatest dreams is for Nothing but Ashes to be the first film produced by a minimum of 10.000 cinema lovers and philanthropists. A social movie, dealing with a distressing reality in Romania - unknown, ignored or swept under the carpet.

Any amount you donate gives you the status of producer for Nothing but Ashes, while also making you a guardian angel of the abandoned souls in Screzii Valley and Plopului Valley villages.

We’re certain we can thus improve their outlook, and that film is the ideal medium for telling their story. Yet, for that to happen, we need all the means necessary for a top-notch production.


25% of the movie’s box office will go to the orphans and seniors in Screzii Valley!

We are a small team working (and dreaming) big, so every vote of confidence is highly appreciated. Thank you for choosing to share the story of the NothingButAshes movie and to be the ambassador of this project! You can subscribe to our newsletter or follow the evolution of the project on and on social media.